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This is our bus build blog.

We purchased our 1968 Silver Eagle Model 01 in November 2003. Started our build early in 2004. Lots of pictures and articles describing what we did and how we did it. It is not finished, as they rarely are. Always making changes to fit our needs and desires. It’s the best way to see this great country and enjoy the views along the way. We pull a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport behind us so we can visit places that a car can’t go.

This is our web site blog.

I was laid off in 2009 and decided to take a course in Web Design at Texas State Technical College in Abilene, TX. I have been able to do a few websites for fun and hope to be able to do some designing for RV Parks. I am retired  (temporarily retired is a better word) and it fits what I enjoy doing while sitting comfortably in our coach. If you would like us to discuss building a web site for your RV Park, please let us know.

4 responses to “Other Blogs

  1. looking for the photos of your air ride saw them once cant seem to find them again. Ive got an 01 as well , the air ride brackets have failed and its starting to crack & tear away from the frame. Wanted to send photos of your to the shop doing my repairs. If you could direct me to your photos our send them to me that would be great . Ive a new 8v92 DD with a 6speed allison also fresh. The air ride was not installed well and the welds cracked. Bought the bus out of SanDiego a few months ago. It was an estate sale and the unit sat for 10years after the drive train upgrades. So only 2000 miles on the mechanical conversion, but having to sort out some ones project from a distance im in Vancouver canada while the bus is in california. Looking forward to finally getting it here. Do you have any brake upgrade recommendations. Im about to have the air chambers and some relay valves replaced and the tanks and lines looked at . The DD3s , did you change them ?? also what do you think of automatic slack adjusters? Any recommendations ??? I own a millwork shop and am excited about upgrading the interior, going for a mid century modern vibe. lots of teak and polished aluminum leather and cork ect. it will look as it was converted in 1967 to a very high standard. It was set up with a side door mid way down the coach and a 1/4 spiral staircase. Had hoped to install a drop down slide out car tray into the luggage bay for a small sports car but Im worried this may not be possible with the structure of this design. But still will try to engineer it and have a little alfa romeo race car tucked in there if possible.
    or not Its cheaper to dream, or tow. LOL


  2. what do you think about automatic slack adjusters?? where can I buy an exterior visor like yours?? What size wheels are you running? mine are 22.5 low pros, brand new but they look a little small for the openings

  3. I have manual slacks so can’t give you an answer on that. I believe you can get the visor from R&M Fiberglass in Turner, OR. The 22.5 is standard on an Eagle, also much easier to get than the 24.5. I have a mixed bag, 22.5 on the front and tag, 24.5 on the rear axle. It was like that when I bought the bus and never changed it. I would stay with what you have.

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