This is about the adventures of Becky and Paul as we travel in our 1968 Silver Eagle Model 01 coach. I thought it would be a good idea to keep our bus build blog separate from our travel blog.

We will be leaving our current location, Georgetown, TX in the next week or so with the final destination of Vancouver, WA. During the trip we will be visiting family and friends along the way.

At this stage of our lives we are looking forward to this new adventure and hopefully making more friends along the way. One of our goals is to build web sites for RV Parks and also do some work camping at various RV Parks in the Pacific Coast region. That way we’ll be in fairly close proximity to visit our extended families!

We hope you enjoy viewing our journey from the comfort of your living room wherever you are. If you are a bus nut, please let us know your location. You never know when we might be in your area to share a cup of coffee or one of your favorite beverages.

Happy Trails,

Becky and Paul

6 responses to “About

  1. Sam

    Bookmarked and glad you are sharing your new adventure, wish you guys the best and God’s favor in your new adventure in life. Looking forward to this, I have often dreamed of doing this myself, who knows maybe in the near future.
    Sam J. Ortiz

    • Sam, A bus conversion is the only way to travel in my opinion. Due to the bus conversion market being in the tank, you can get a good coach for a lot less than you would think. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. Well, YAY! At least I can comment here, I never could on your other blog. Safe and happy travels and don’t forget to stop in KC on your way. We have a very long driveway that will fit our bus and yours. Like a mini rally.

    • I like Word Press much better, easier to navigate. It looks as though we’ll be taking I-10 west to LA and then I-5 north. Won’t get through your area this time, sorry. We will stop by and see you guys on our way to the Branson Rally next year.

  3. That is kind of neat, how you use the siding of your bus for the background for the webpage. Neat idea.


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