Let’s Go Fishing

When life gives you lemons, instead of making lemonade we went fishing! LOL

It has been a very good month since our last blog post! Here is a recap of what we’ve been up to.

Did someone say “Let’s go fishing”? Yip, that’s what my brother said to me numerous times. So we loaded up his boat and headed up to Paulina Lake. I had never fished for Kokanee and got some real good lessons on what to do. You just anchor and start jigging. What is jigging you ask. There are certain lures that you attach to your line that has a treble hook on it. Apply three kernels of tuna oil soaked corn to the treble hook for bait. Drop the lure to the bottom and reel up a couple of feet, then move the lure up and down to simulate a small fish in distress. We did pretty good and caught our limit of 5 each. It was a gorgeous day on the lake! I learned how to filet fish and ended up with fish taco’s for dinner! Yum Yum!


A few day’s later we headed up to East Lake with a friend of my brother and his boat. It was a lot cooler and experienced a thunder storm when we arrived. We sat in his Jeep for about an hour until it let up and finally launched his boat. Mind you, my brother and his friend know how to fish for Kokanee and I’m just learning. We found a spot in about 30 feet of water and anchored. The fish finder showed lot’s of fish in the area so we knew that this was the spot. Well I’m here to tell ya, it took us a whole 1 1/2 hours to limit out! We spent another hour or so just messing around catching and releasing. My brother tested 9 Kokanee lures he had and caught fish on every one of them. This is a true story, you know fishermen never lie……. That is Paulina Peak in the background.


We took all of our catch over to Salem yesterday and had a fish taco lunch with our Mom, younger brother, his wife and their youngest son. What a great lunch we had with Family! Mom is doing very good at 89 years young and was so good to spend some time with her. Our brother and his wife live with Mom and take care of her needs and do improvements to the house that Mom and Dad built over 40 years ago. As we drove up the driveway we noticed the front deck was missing. Pete had almost removed all of it to replace it with new lumber as the old one was just worn out and tired. I had installed 2 x 4 clear cedar decking back in ’84 and it had seen so much wet weather over the years it was not safe. They have completed several projects over the last couple of years since Dad’s passing and have done a great job on the property.

I’ve also been helping my brother Dan do a few things at a Woman’s Shelter run by The Shepard’s House here in Bend. In order for them to be able to house more Women who need help, they have to make the house ADA compliant. We built a wheel chair ramp and layed some pavers.  That was a fun project that went very well. Dan has also done quite a few projects around the property and there are several more things that we’ll do to help them reach their goal. Becky and I also have spent some time helping serve meals at the Family Center. What a great way to spend some of our retirement time, helping others!

There is just so much to do and see in the Bend area of Central Oregon. Several high lakes to go fishing in and campgrounds all over to park your RV or pitch a tent for a few days and enjoy nature. Numerous hiking trails and home to many lava beds and tubes. The Newberry Crater is just southeast of Bend. You can read about it here. It’s a National Historic Monument full of interesting history. We have yet to uncover all there is to see. Hopefully we will take in the sights before we leave the area and head south in late September.

So you see, when life hands you a detour, you just walk through the door and follow the trail to new and exciting adventures!

Happy Trails!





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  1. Jerry Kiser

    Right on!!

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