Day 8

We spent most of the day in Virginia City, NV. (The previous link is the best I found). What a great little town that is rich in history. I must confess I didn’t know that much about how it got started and the many famous people that either lived or visited there. From Mark Twain to Hearst family. We first drove around town to see all of the old buildings and found a museum that had an old locomotive inside. They have train rides from Virginia City to Carson City during the tourist season starting in May. Unfortunately it was closed while we are here.


We just had to stop by the Delta Saloon to get something cold to drink. Becky had a Sarsaparilla and I had a Ginger Ale, I should have chosen her drink as it was fantastic. This Saloon has the famous Suicide Table on display.  One of the wait staff also shared some great places to visit while we are there. I can see us coming back tomorrow as there is so much to see and do.

We decided to take the trolley tour to get more information on the history and it was well worth it. The operator was very knowledgeable and added some colorful history about the area.

We walked around the Cemetery to view the different dates on who lived and died in this rich mining town. Some made it past 60, while others died early in life from infants to folk in their 30’s. It must have been a hard life working in the mines and also all of the saloons with gambling and drink available. The miners pay was $1 per day and they worked in 140 degree Fahrenheit temperatures as this is a geothermal area. Can you imagine working in those conditions while the mine owners raked in millions!


If this destination is not on your Bucket List, it should be! We will go back today and enjoy many things we didn’t have time for yesterday.

“Happy Trails”


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