Day Two of Our Trip to Oregon

We spent our first evening with our good friends Debbie and Eddie Barrella in Indio, CA. They treated us to a fantastic BBQ out in their newly built outside eating area complete with a grill, ice-maker, sink and table. This was their first grilled meal and they chose to share it with us. They live in a very nice house with an attached RV garage where  their Silver Eagle rests when they are not on the road. What a great way to keep the coach out of the elements and also a place to do some maintenance when needed. The Barrella’s own a Marathon Silver Eagle Conversion and have been busy remodeling the interior with new carpet, fixtures and upholstery. Their coach is absolutely gorgeous!


Becky and I are so grateful  for their amazing hospitality! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in their courtyard the next day sharing fellowship with one another while listening to a very nice water feature in the background. We are so blessed to have such good friends!



We don’t like saying goodbye so we said, “Until we meet again”! Thanks Debbie and Eddie for such a wonderful time!

We departed to our next destination, La Paz County Park just north of Parker, AZ along the Colorado river. While we were driving along I-10 we noticed some black smoke in the sky and all I could think of was it looked like an accident and hoping it was not on our route – but it was. We headed north on 177 and came to a complete stop as they had the road shut down. We found out a fairly new motorhome pulling a pickup and caught fire and was completely destroyed. Fortunately it looked like no one was hurt. After about a one hour delay we continued on.

We arrived at the county park after our GPS (Lucy) took us on an extended tour of the wrong side of the river taking us up to the Parker Dam. Of course when we arrived at the dam we noticed a sign that said “no RV’s allowed” on the dam! Fortunately there was room to turn around so we didn’t have to unhook our toad. Oh well, at least we got to view the AZ side of the Colorado … from the CA side!

At least we finally made it to La Paz County Park after a slight, unplanned detour. We finally parked and hooked up in the second row back from the river. What a nice view of boats and other water craft enjoying the water.

We contacted our friends, Kat and Perley who are staying about 1/4 mile south of us. They own and have lived in their Silver Eagle Bus Conversion for over 19 years. We first met them in person at the SoCal Mini Rally held at East Shore RV Park in San Dimas on March 6th for 3 days. We had been Facebook friends for a few months and felt like we had known them for years. We enjoyed their fellowship last night and will continue to do so again today while they take us around to see the sights and get the flavor of this area.   Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update to find out just what we did!



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2 responses to “Day Two of Our Trip to Oregon

  1. Jerry

    Blessings friends. The group is gathering tonight. You will be missed and you know we will talk about you. We will also have a drink or two just for you! Love you guys!


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