Quartzsite 2016

We finally got to experience Quartzsite for the first time last week. We left on Thursday and met up with some bus nuts for the first time, Art and Cindy Wales in their Silver Eagle, Sun Chaser. We had chatted online for several years so we felt like we already knew them. We exchanged handshakes and hugs for a few minutes then headed out to Palm Springs to meet up with another couple, Eddie Barrella and Debbie, in their Silver Eagle, Salt Wind. Eddie and I had been friends on Facebook for a long time but had never met. It was like seeing old friends for the first time! We met them in a parking lot and discussed how we would roll. It was decided that Art would be first to lead the way, then our Eagle with Eddie following behind. Red White and Blue was the order and it felt fitting!



Cindy was taking the pic – too bad we didn’t have a tripod to get us all in! L to R, Art, Debbie, Becky, Myself and Eddie. We were about to embark on a new adventure, 3 Silver Eagles rolling down the 10 heading to the Q.  (Someone said “pose”, so Becky did.  Notice she was the only one!)

I can imagine what others thought, seeing 3 Silver Eagles in a convoy rolling down the highway. What a site to see!

As we were driving into the area leading us to Rice Ranch I was in awe seeing all of the different RV’s parked along the highway with vendors of every kind displaying their wares. We made it to the Q about 3 pm and found out where to park. Initially we had decided to park with the GM group but they were full, so we pulled into the Silver Eagle group and were met by Buck Bolding guiding us as we parked. We nestled in between Sun Chaser and Salt Wind.


After we got settled, Becky and I walked around meeting and greeting bus nut friends, some we hadn’t seen for a few years, others we had never met before. Parked next to Eddie’s Eagle were some friends, Randy and Kelley Coons. Next to them was our good friends Wilbur and Laura Bradbury. After our hand shakes and hugs we went to the GM side to greet Tony and Pam Saraceni and Mike O’Rourke, head of the GM group.

I believe we ended up with a total of 85 coaches in both groups. The most I had never seen before in one place, so it was a sight to behold. I saw more Silver Eagle Model 1’s than ever before, 6 or 7 I think. One 01 was black with flames on the side. I never did get a picture or meet them as they had to leave due to a water main break at their house in Half Moon Bay. They were pulling a box trailer with the same paint scheme, absolutely gorgeous combo. They also had a big motorcycle on a lift on the back of the Eagle. We heard them as they crossed over the overpass as he was going through the gears making some noise with that 8v92T pushing it.

We had a potluck dinner that evening with the GM folk and got to meet a few new bus nuts. There was a lot of very cool old iron on display, from Scenic Cruisers to an old 1946 GM PG 2904. There will be a nice story about the owner and this coach in an upcoming issue of Bus Conversion Magazine – look for it.


Here I am over on the GM side waiting for Art to fire up the drone to take some movies of the buses on display. Those are 2 old GM Scenic Cruiser’s in the background. I was probably talking to Pam or Tony at the time.


Here are a few more pics from both groups.


The Silver Eagle below was from Temecula, CA. They had just finished building it, gorgeous!


The Silver Eagle 01 with the US Flag belongs to LeRoy and Anne Willis, good friends from Tucson.


The red Silver Eagle belongs to our good friends, Bob and Sandi Gilbert, from Oklahoma. The Eagle with the stripes going up the side belongs to a couple from Switzerland. They travel the US 6 months a year and work the other 6 at home.


As there were no hookups we used the genset for power when we needed it. Our water pump was acting up so it wouldn’t work all of the time. We do have an inverter installed but it is not hooked up, as were are needing some house batteries to make it all complete. We were not the only one running a generator, which felt good that we were not the only one. Hopefully the next time we go we won’t have to use the generator so much but only to charge the battery bank.  As the pictures show, the weather was great the whole time.

As always, these trips never last long enough. We had to say our farewells on Sunday, never do we say goodbye. Until we meet again!

I can now scratch going to the Q off my Bucket List!

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