We Made It To Murrieta

We drove a total of 1,267 miles during our trip from Abilene, TX to Murrieta, CA. The bus ran perfectly and only used 1/2 gal. of oil. (The engine swap we did 4 years ago has made a huge difference in oil consumption and reliability.)

It was great to stop along the way and see some family and friends.  We visited bus nuts, Elaine and Marty Golden and Becky’s Turney family in Midland, TX; my daughter Christina and grandchildren Alex, Brianna, Trinity and Lily as well as my step-daughter Melanie and grand-daughter Tenishia and my step-daughter Brenda and her family in Tucson, AZ. Our visit with busnut friends, Laura and Wilbur Bradbury, in Yuma, AZ topped the trip off.

We also want to thank our good busnut friends, Anne and LeRoy Willis, for arranging our stay for one week at Northwest Community Friends Church in Tucson. That was a huge blessing to be able to camp out there in such a great location and be able to spend time with our family.  We enjoyed the Sunday morning service as well.

As we look back on our trip, it was always hard to say goodbye and we wish we could have stayed longer at each stop. Each and every one we spent time with was so precious and made us feel welcome. It really is never goodbye, but “Until We Meet Again”.

We left Yuma on the morning of October 29th and made our way to our final destination in Murrieta, CA. Thanks to Laura and Wilbur for making our visit a memorable one. You two are such great friends and we always have such a good time with you.  (Becky and Laura got to shop a little and they were Crossword Queen’s; as long as they put their heads together they can get the entire puzzle worked out.)  We wish you two nothing but the best.

As we left I-15 in Murrieta to head up to our workcamping job we made a quick pit stop in Stater Brothers parking lot to grab a bite to eat before making our way up into the mountains. We also had to make a phone call to the owners to let them know we were close and would be arriving shortly.

The drive up to their place was a 12 mile long winding road most of the time. Looking back, I will unhook our tow car the next time. There were several switchbacks that had me thinking, “I sure hope we are on the right road because there are no outlets”.

Well, we made it. After greeting the owners they showed us where we could park the bus. They had poured some concrete pads a week before and I wasn’t sure if we should park on it yet. We setup for the night and after speaking with them the next day we decided to go ahead and park the bus on them and set up camp for the duration of our stay.

Murrieta setup

Our location in Murrieta, CA

We have also spent some time with Becky’s son, Shea and his family, her daughter, Shanna and my daughter, Katie. It’s always so special when we are with family as we’ve missed them so much over this past year since we saw them last Christmas. Needless to say we have made plans over the coming months to spend more time with them and other family members that we have not seen yet.

My brother Dan and his wife Charlene will be visiting us later this week. They are making their way down from Bend, OR for a short vacation. We are looking forward to their visit and hope they have a safe trip.

Since we’ve been here both Becky and I caught the “Crud”.   (Becky calls it the Hykeephokee.)  We were each down for a few days and are now on the mend. Being sick is never any fun and it seems to take us longer to heal as we get older, which is a total bummer!  Oh, did I mention we celebrated Becky’s 65th birthday on November 3rd?  She is now a card carrying member of Medicare and even got to try it out when she saw a doctor and got antibiotics for bronchitis.

We’ve been able to accomplish a few tasks since we’ve been here and look forward to helping the owners out in making more repairs. They own a production company and have not had the time to fix a few things.  That is where we come in, as workampers.  They only require 15 hours of work per week, at our discretion, in exchange for FHU and other amenities.  What a nice family!  We feel so blessed to have landed here with them.

Due to the fact we are in such a remote area of the coastal mountains, we have no cell phone signal. Each time we go into to town for something we take the time to make a few calls and listen to our phones ding with text messages and voicemail. We now have a phone at the bus that runs off of their home line so we are able to make phone calls when we need to. They also supplied us with WiFi, so we are not totally disconnected with the world.

The weather has been perfect, a little rain and a lot of sunshine. Did I say perfect? El Nino is predicted to bring a lot of rain in January and February to Southern California, which they do need badly. At least there will be no chance of snow, freezing rain or ice storms. Our location is such, that if any severe weather hits it will not last long and is not at all normal.

The owners have several horses and a few that they board, along with a couple of sheep, a dozen goats, a bunch of chickens and one steer.


We met Shanna and Katie at the Crab Cooker for lunch and just had to go down to the beach. We took 74 just outside of Lake Elsinore, over the mountains to San Juan Capistrano and up the Pacific Coast Highway to Newport Beach. That road is not RV friendly for sure. We were glad we took the Enclave! We saw a lot of motorcyclists enjoying the winding road.

Here we are on the boardwalk at Newport Beach enjoying the sun, sand and family.


This was taken just outside of the Crab Cooker after our delicious lunch of Dungeness Crab!


Katie, Becky, Paul and Inky

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Happy Trails and “Until We Meet Again”


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