Trip to Murrieta Day Four

We had a smooth trip to Tucson yesterday. It was longer than the previous ones, but well worth it.

We set up camp behind the Northwest Friends Church on La Canada. (I can’t put the little squiggly thingy above the N. Just to let you know we are not way up north.)

My daughter Christina and her children came over to visit. Her oldest, Alex, could not make it as he had to work. We had not seen them since our last trip through here in 2012, way too long! My other daughter Melanie and her daughter Noel also stopped by, so we all celebrated Noel’s 21st birthday.

Becky had prepared spaghetti for dinner trying out a new crackpot recipe she found online. It was fantastic, tasted like baked spaghetti. Yummy!

It was quite interesting serving dinner to 8 people in our small space, but nobody complained. Food and family is all you need to have a good time. After we ate we served up a birthday cake I picked up at Albertsons, a yummy carrot cake. One of my favorite types of cake.

There is nothing better than gathering with family during a meal!

Here we are all huddled up for a group photo. Becky took the photo before Melanie and Noel arrived, and I forgot to get another one. We’ll take more today as we continue to celebrate Noel’s birthday.


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