Trip 2015 Day One

As we head out, we are thinking of all of our Abilene friends, you know who you are. We will miss seeing all of you, but know this. We’ll carry you in our hearts as we make this journey.

Our first stop was the VA Hospital in Big Spring. I had to get a shingle shot. That was fun finding a place to park. An officer was kind enough to give us directions. Not easy parking a 40 coach pulling a towed. Then we headed to our friends house, Elaine and Marty Golden. They have three Eagle buses and we had to see them all. One they travel in, the other two are being transformed into their dream coach. One is a model 15 factory raised roof. He is installing a Series 60 in it. Marty has done a great job of stuffing that in there after many frame modifications. There is quite a story attached to each one.

We then went to visit Becky’s prior in- law’s. They are 94 and doing pretty good. It was great to see them. They fed us as old times were being discussed. What fun.

A funny thing happened during this first leg of our trip. My phone GPS was going nuts, telling me to stay on the I20 access road. I ignored her and turned down the volume. After I completed my appointment at the VA, I checked the GPS settings, it was on bicycle mode. I have no idea how it got there. We had a pretty good laugh.

Dreamscape ran very well. It felt good to give it a workout. The Enclave stayed right with us, which is a good thing!

Tomorrow we head to Van Horn to over night. We are keeping each day’s driving to around 4 hours. That gives us time to see any sights, and of course time for a nap!


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