More Friends Stop By

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I last posted here. We have been busy with life, but that is no excuse. Since we have not been traveling, I guess I felt it was not important to report on what’s been happening in our life. I will work on that now that things have not been so crazy.

We have had several visitors since Vic and Donna were here. We are grateful that the Bradbury’s and Goldsby’s have stopped by for short visits on the way to their winter locations. It’s always a pleasure to show our friends some of the rich history in Abilene. Frontier Texas is a great place to visit and see the rich history this spot in West Texas has to offer. It always amazes me each time when I visit I learn something new. The videos and holograms are very well put together with amazing detail on how this part of Texas history has survived.

Laura Wilbur Bradbury 2014

Laura and Wilbur stopped by last September on their way to their winter home in Yuma. This was taken at Frontier Texas.Karen and Tom Goldsby

Karen and Tom Goldsby were here last week on their way to visit San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Of course we had to take each couple to some of Abilene’s best places to eat. It seems that when our friends come for a visit, we always end up sharing what’s been happening in each of our lives over some good food. We do love to eat!

Now for some more interesting happenings in our life, you will have to read my next post. It’s a doozy I promise!

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