We Had Visitors Today……

Some good Bus Nut Friends from Washington State stopped by so we decided to show them what Texas is all about! After stopping by our house for a quick tour, we took them to Frontier Texas here in Abilene to learn some history. We had never visited it before and found it quite interesting. It really is a good place to stop and see how Texas came about and how hard it was to survive this sometimes harsh climate. Stories of Cowboys and Indians fighting over the rich land full of millions Buffalo. So many were killed they said you could walk on the bones from here to Dallas and never touch the ground. A new industry was born, what to do with all of the bones. They were sent by wagon to be made into things like buttons.

After the tour of Frontier Texas we needed to feed our appetites, so we headed to Buffalo Gap to have a late lunch at Perini Ranch. Of course we had to have steak, and it was fantastic! Not only some great steak, but we had to try some Jalapeno Bites as an appetizer. Man they were good!

We were sad to see them go as they are heading to Ft. Worth in the morning to continue their journey.



That is Vic checking out the bronze statues and display.



Donna and Vic in front of a massive Bronze Buffalo.


One of the many stuffed animals on the display, the Mighty Buffalo!



Donna and Vic in front of the impressive Silver Eagle that they built. He stuffed in a CAT 3406 400 hp engine coupled to an Allison 740 transmission. A lot of work went into the design and build of this coach and it shows!

Thanks for stopping by to see us! Have a safe journey, until we meet again!

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