Erinshire Gardens and House


We moved into this house last month. How we came about this is quite a story. The owner is a photographer and friend of a good friend of ours. He used to rent out the grounds for weddings and other events, that is until a neighbor complained to Abilene’s City Council. After over 4 years of waiting, the owner is able to continue using the property for events. He is a photographer by trade and this was important to him. The house sits on 19 1/2 acres, and close to Abilene Christian University.

Construction was started in 1918 and finished around 1924. The builder lost everything during the Crash of 1929. The craftsmanship is amazing, with lots of delicate wood work. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with a fireplace, dining room and a one half basement. The floors creak showing their age. There is also a cottage with a small attached garage. The grounds include several out buildings, a couple of lily ponds and a host of special places that demand to be photographed.


The above photo was taken a few days ago. I wanted to frame the bougainvillea with the dining room front windows.


We had to park the bus in the driveway as the telephone lines were to low to park anywhere on the rear of the property. I called AT & T a couple of weeks ago to see about getting them raised. They were out yesterday to complete the work. What an amazing crew they sent out. Very helpful and wanted to make sure I was satisfied with the new height. I can now move the bus out back close to a building so I can get power to it and prepare to do a little exterior work on it. As you can see, it needs a little powder and paint! lol

Our travels have not ended,  just postponed for a little while.


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2 responses to “Erinshire Gardens and House

  1. Erin

    Good Evening!!! I don’t know if you can help me, but I have been trying to contact someone about renting this beautiful location for my wedding next year. It has always been my dream to be married at a lovely garden location which is hard to come by in Abilene, Tx. I have left a few messages here and there over the past year but have been unable to reach anyone. Nothing would make me happier then to enjoy my family, friends, and new husband in such a picture perfect place. If you can help me I would be so grateful for any information!!! If not I apologize for diving to deep into Google in search of answers. 🙂 Thank you and have a wonderful evening!!
    -Erin E.

  2. Cacie

    Hi I am a local photographer and I was inquiring if you grant access for photographers to do sessions on your property? I am scouting for locations that are different from ACU, HSU, and the downtown area, I would like to offer something different for my clients. Thank you for your time!

    Cacie Admire
    Cacie Admire Photography

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