We are back in Abilene, TX

We left New Braunfels a couple of days ago to make the 300 mile trip up to Abilene. We did not leave at our scheduled time, due to the fact that a bus was blocking us in. The driveway is quite long and we were parked in the back by Lake Dunlap. That is a long story in itself! It probably looked like an episode of Laurel and Hardy! We stopped in Georgetown to have lunch and visit with one of our dear friends. By the time we arrived at Buck Creek RV Park, it was 6:30 and I was pretty worn out. Thanks Richard and Missy for your warm hospitality and friendship!

The work that I was doing on their house had ended and he threw in pulling the engine out of his old bus and installing it in his new MCI 102 C3. (We picked up his new bus in Florida and on the drive back the rockers on one head came apart.  He had to have it trailered from Florida to Texas, which was not cheap.)  Along with a couple of other problems, he decided to make the engine swap. We first had his old bus in the driveway to pull the engine and transmission, then did the same thing to his new bus. It probably looked like a bus graveyard to their neighbors. It was quite a task, and for this old guy, I’m pretty worn out! lol We were there a little over 5 months and enjoyed the area a lot. We saw The Alamo, the Hill Country and everything in between. Even went to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, where we saw Reba! Now that was fun! It was amazing that they could put on a complete rodeo in one evening, then have time for the main attraction.

The Alamo

While we were in New Braunfels, I completed several of my bus projects. I built a couple of frames with air bags to give our bus some rear axle support. The coach has a torsalastic suspension, and the rear axle torsalastics are not being manufactured any more. Don’t understand, it’s only a 45 year old bus! It improved the ride and handling tremendously! It also raised our coach about 2″ in the rear, which was my goal. I also finished a couple of other smaller projects that had been started, just not completed. There is always something to do. It keeps me busy and out of trouble! lol

We are not sure how long we will be here in Abilene. We have some family stuff to take care of and while we are here, spend time with friends. There is no set date on when we’ll leave. That is one good thing about being retired, no calendar to go by!



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4 responses to “We are back in Abilene, TX

  1. Jerry Kiser

    So glad you guys made it! Ready to get together and party! Let us hear from you whenever you are ready.

  2. Steve Sellman

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. on the Torsilastic parts and system.

    The original torsion units are still in place, but the rubber has deteriorated badly. The air bag installation was completed by my dad a while ago. Illness prevented him from using the coach to test the installation. Much later, during the first outing, one of the bags blew out and a replacement did the same. I’m thinking that the bags are undersized.

    Is it possible that you might have the cat. number and rating for your bags? A photo of the frame and installation detail could be very helpful.

    Steve Sellman

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