We’ve Moved…………..

…to another space for the remainder of our time here and have a much better view and less road noise. The weather has been fantastic the last few days. I know, don’t get used to it!

Dreamscape and Dusty

Our new location.

The view from our couch.  Not bad huh?

Our new view

Our new view from the comfort of our living room.

Upper Level View

The view from where we were.


While the tide was out yesterday, I decided to go down to the tide pools and take some more pictures. The first one shows some seals getting some sun. I was told that this is the only rock in the area that they occupy while laying around.


Seals on Seal Rock.

Bird Fishing

This little guy is fishing.


At low tide you can see some sea creatures like Starfish.

We have tried to go to the beach daily and see the ever changing landscape. Becky and I just got back from our beach walk and saw seals on more than one rock. They were having fun swimming and probably fishing. We had prepared for cool weather by taking sweatshirts, but didn’t need them.  It was so nice.


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3 responses to “We’ve Moved…………..

  1. Jerry Kiser

    Too cool! Be blessed. Love you guys dearly!
    Know of any good coaches well worth the money for sale?

  2. I do know of several coaches for sale. Email me your budget price and I’ll be glad to help you find your dream! We miss seeing you guys so much!

  3. Dan

    Nice spot you are parked in. The winter storm views will be awesome. On coach search, also check out http://www.buybyebluebird.com/ and http://www.birdconnection.com/ more info at http://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com/forums/ .

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