New Location ~ Seal Rocks RV Cove, Seal Rock, OR

Seal Rocks RV Cove RV Park

Our new Camp Host location

We left Crater Lake RV Park on Tuesday September 4, 2012. Becky and I enjoyed being there for 3 months while we explored the area, made some great friends and enjoyed the hospitality provided by Jim and Pam, the owners. I was able to learn and enjoy fly fishing The Rogue River, a 5 minute walk from our space. We toured the area and fell in love with the many sights to see and enjoy. It’s a must see and do if you are in the area.

My brother Dan, and his wife Charlene came twice from Bend to stay for a few days each time. Becky’s son Shea, along with his family came up from Southern California for a visit. It was great to be able to share Crater Lake and the surrounding area with all of them. We even rafted The Rogue River!

Dreamscape performed without a hitch! The engine and transmission swap was a good choice and I’m grateful that we were able to complete it a few months ago before we embarked on our journey.

We headed south on Crater Lake Hwy, Oregon 62, to Oregon 234, which took us to I-5 north and to Sutherlin, exiting onto Oregon 138. Our next stop was Elkton, where we stopped for lunch at Arlene’s Cafe and General Store. The food was great and the break was welcomed. We decided to stop at Elkton RV Park and see the setting along the Umpqua River. What a gorgeous place to stop for a day or longer!  The river at this location is not as rugged as the Rogue, but beautiful none the less. While we were talking with one of the Camp Hosts, a camper came back from fishing and had landed a pretty good sized Salmon.

Umpqua River

The Umpqua River below Elkton RV Park

We passed through this tunnel on the way to Reedsport, OR. Notice the Low Clearance height, 11′ 6″ on the shoulder. We hugged the center line and didn’t knock anything off! lol

Tunnel on Oregon 138

Tunnel on Oregon 138

We finally saw the Pacific Ocean! What a gorgeous coastline! The drive on the 101 is not for the faint of heart driving a 40′ coach pulling a toad! Very narrow and winding as we followed the highway north. I would do it again though.  (I had made a couple of trips in a car, but never thought about what it would be like driving this coach.) We saw quite a few campers along the way pulling 5th wheels, travel trailers and of course motor homes. Did not see one bus conversion though!

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean along the Pacific Coast Highway, the 101.

We arrived at our destination just before 5 pm, which is what I had determined before we left. I always try to leave enough time for stops along the way to walk the dogs, sightseeing etc. One never knows what will happen when making plans and it just worked out.

This is our new location until March 2013.

Our Arrival

Our arrival at Seal Rocks RV Cove.

We met with the Park Manager and settled into our space. We’ll move to our permanent spot next week, with great ocean views, when the sun is not hidden by fog or clouds.

Temporary location

Our new temporary location with the ocean and Hwy 101 right behind us.

The work that we will be doing is much different than our previous job. The office hours during the winter are 3 pm – 5 pm. That is where Becky will be spending her time. I will be doing some maintenance outside, weather permitting. Our weekly work schedule is 15 hours combined, depending on the weather. Some weeks that I can’t do much outside, work will be added to other weeks as the weather allows. It sounds like a pretty laid back winter to me!

We plan to explore as much of the coast as we can while we are here, from Lincoln City to the north, Florence and the sand dunes to the south. There are several famous light houses and other attractions that should be very interesting. This is one that is on my bucket list to explore when we have time, Sea Lion Caves.

Sea Lion Caves

Sea Lion Caves along the Oregon Coast.

One more thing, then I’ll close for now. Yesterday while we were testing the WiFi to check our connection strength, a very interesting thing happened. I was checking my email and FB and found a message that had been sent the night before by a bus nut friend that we had never met.  A couple of years ago we had become online friends with a couple that shared many interests that we have. We have followed their blog and they have followed ours. While I was entering their phone number into my cell phone I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there they stood! We had been messaging back and forth for several weeks, sharing our location information and hoping that we would be able to meet. It all worked out like we had planned it all along! We invited Dan and Sandy in and showed them our coach, we then went outside, sat at our picnic table and shared a soda while we got to know each other.  (We also shared the brownies that our Crater Lake friend, Donna, baked for us before we left.  Thanks again, Donna!  They were delicious.)

They invited us to see their Bluebird coach while they were parked at Whaler’s Rest Resort, a Thousand Trails park, just south of Newport. After our tour of their beautiful coach, we all went to the Rogue Brewery for dinner and then across the Yaquina Bay Bridge to the north side of Yaquina Bay in Newport to see the California Sea Lions that are below one of the docks. They sure are noisy! Only the adult and juvenile males make the journey while the females stay in California. (I guess that’s one way to have a boys night out!)  Dan and Sandy are heading to Florence today for a two week stay at another Thousand Trails park. We hope to be able to visit them again before they head to Arizona for the winter. They will spend their second winter at a wildlife refuge just south of Tucson, near Nogales, AZ.

That’s all for now!

Happy Trails Everyone!


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2 responses to “New Location ~ Seal Rocks RV Cove, Seal Rock, OR

  1. By the way, if you see “bugs on the windshield” in my pictures, that is exactly what they are! Impossible to take ‘clean’ pictures from the passenger seat of Dreamscape! Wish I had been able to video the drive from Sutherlin to Seal Rock – it was really beautiful. Thanks for getting us here safe and sound, Paul. Gotta love that ‘Armstrong’ driver of mine!

  2. MrBreeze

    WOW… I Am So Jello..You Guys Are Living My Dream !! I Have Traveled 101 In A Converted GMC Bus Back In My 20s……Beautiful Is An Understatement.
    Oregon Has Gotta Be About The Closest You Can Get To Gods Country.

    I Am So Excited For You Guys !! We Wish You Both All The Best.

    I Will Be Following Your Blog And Looking Forward To All The Fun To Come..
    Thanks For Sharing


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