Tour Bus Stops By For The Night

I had seen these motoring down the road when we lived in SoCal, but never up close. It is a VanHool, built in Belgium. A very interesting design to say the least. Maybe a cousin to our Belgium built Eagle! lol

Rotel Tours has 6 or 7 of these coaches through out the USA that are used for sightseeing. These folk were from Germany. It was interesting to watch them setup. A few of the guys pitched in to set up the passenger side to enlarge the sleeping quarters, while the driver was setting up the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. Notice the extra front door on the driver side in the last photo.

Rotel Tours Bus

The driver had no problem getting the coach located in one of the longer spots


Rotel Tours Driver Side

Interesting design and setup of the sleeping quarters


Side Expansion

Adding extra space for the dressing room


Side Room Finished

Showing the extension completed


Driver Side

Showing the pullout stove and kitchen side




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4 responses to “Tour Bus Stops By For The Night

  1. AHA! We saw one of these in the Columbia Gorge, set up the same way but theirs had a big Mercedes logo on the front.

  2. We had that Mercedes at Crater Lake RV Park about 1 1/2 weeks ago. They sure are an interesting design!

  3. That Is Very Neat. What a Concept. After looking at Rotel Tours I feel almost wasteful traveling alone in a whole bus by myself. Notice I said almost. Still a Heck of a Concept.

  4. Might be what gave Tony the bug. Personally, it isn’t my bag. Sure would need a lot of grandkids huh?


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