Camp Fire with Live Music

Every Saturday night during the summer season, the park owners provide a camp fire with all of the fixin’s for hot dogs, smore’s and lemonade. I haven’t cooked a hot dog over an open fire in years. This is fun! The music was provided by a family that has been singing together for several years. It started out as a couple with their 8 kids, now it is down to the Dad with one Son and Daughter. Both of the kids are also good composers along with each playing several different musical instruments. The daughter sang a song she wrote about her sisters. It was a very good story about sisters living and sharing many things. I later told her she needed to publish it, it is that good.

It was a good time listening to great fiddle and banjo music!

There are two fire rings, bales of hay to sit on and plenty to eat! This is a great place for large or small group gatherings that require more space. It is located in the middle of the park. What a fun time for everyone!

Camp Fire

A fun way to get to know your neighbor!

The park owners, Pam and Jim are pictured here. Pam is talking to one of the park maintenance team members and Jim is over at the table giving Spud (their dog) a treat. As you can see with the Kubota in the background, Jim likes his toys! They have plenty of vehicles to show the park to prospective customers.

Food Table

This shows part of the food table.

Becky and I have been amazed at the hospitality provided by the owners. They are such gracious hosts! Jim told us in the initial interview that they want the camp hosts to enjoy their stay and have fun. He wasn’t kidding!


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  1. we are considering workamping here – any tips?

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