Exploring Prospect and Crater Lake

Giving Paul a little break and taking a turn on the blog.  Last week we took a drive into Prospect to look around.  It didn’t take long!  There is a post office, a country market, a nice school and the Prospect Hotel.  We met a couple here in the RV park who had stayed at the Prospect Hotel and say the rooms in their motor inn are extremely clean.  (Good to know if you happen to be in need of a room.)  Their restaurant is supposed to be ‘white tablecloth’ with excellent food.  We look forward to testing that theory.  The hotel itself is a bed and breakfast.

We took a hike to see Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls.  The brochure says it is only .6 of a mile each way and going in (hiking down) was not bad at all.  Hiking back out was another story for my out of shape body!  I’m determined to make this hike another time and do much better at it.  The hike was well worth it – the falls were gorgeous!  We tried to capture the beauty in pictures and only wish we could share the smell of the clean, fresh air; the peace and quiet; the wonder of Mother Nature.

We have met some nice folks here so far – from as far away as Germany, The Neatherlands and many states here in the good ole USA.  Our fellow camp hosts each bring something unique to the table to enhance our team.  In another week, there will be three couple camp hosts and one single camp host.  We will work two days on (five hour shifts) and two days off.  The owners of the park, Pam and Jim, are insistent that this be fun and stress free for all of us.  Are we lucky or what?  We are taking walks from the park down to the river and to the lava pools along some banks.  Yoshi is enjoying these walks, but Terra is not able to accompany us, as her 18 years prevent her back legs from cooperating for any distance.

On Father’s Day I asked Paul what he wanted to do and we drove up to Crater Lake, 32 miles NE.  We packed a picnic lunch and took off in the Jeep with both dogs along for the ride.  What breathtaking views we encountered along the way!  None of them prepared us for the actual views of the lake, however.  The shade of blue of the water seems unreal – as though some artist colored it to perfection with a special blend of colors.  I will post a couple pictures I took along our route and then some of the lake itself.  Suffice it to say, you really have to see it for yourself to believe Crater Lake!  Put it on your bucket list.  I am trying out the ‘gallery’ function below hoping it will work out well for the blog.  If not, will go back to the one at a time, old way.

Until next time,  Becky

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  1. You did well Speck, nice post. We were there in August and saw snow, Yoko was literally amazed. It is a magical place, no?


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