We are now Camp Hosting at Crater Lake RV Park

We drove down from Salem to our new summer location yesterday. The coach ran perfectly! It was a pleasure to be able to downshift with my wrist instead of grinding gears with the old crash box! Becky even said it was fun watching me drive!

Crater Lake RV Park is in a gorgeous setting among tall pine trees and is very quiet and still at night. The water is so clean, no pre-filtering is needed. It tastes so good!

Here is the first picture of many more to come over the next few months. We are so excited to be here and see this magnificent part of the world. Easy access right off Hwy. 62, about 1/2 way between Medford and Crater Lake.

Crater Lake RV Park Sign

Here is our new camp spot for the summer. I know, pretty rough huh!

Dusty and Dreamscape

At our summer location, Crater Lake RV Park

Park Office

The Park Office

Water Feature

A Water Feature at the entrance to the park.

Our first duty today was to drive around the park in a golf cart and get familiar with how each spot is laid out. We got introduced to the park reservation software today and will spend some time getting acquainted with it.

Becky checking out the park map.

Becky is checking out the park map

We went for a short drive down to Shady Cove today. It is about 1/2 way between the park and Medford. It’s a nice small town with one Market and a Chase bank, a couple of restaurants and a gas station or two. At least we had cell phone service here. The park is installing a booster this week so we’ll have service. The WiFi is quick so at least we can communicate with the world. Here are a few pictures of what we saw on the way down and back, enjoy!

Rogue River Fishing

A few guys trying to catch the big one!

Rogue Umpqua Sign

Rogue Umpqua Sign

Rogue River

A small section of the Rogue River

Lost Creek Lake

Lost Creek Lake

We are so grateful to able to enjoy the hospitality of the park owners. You can tell they enjoy meeting new people and making everyone feel at home. We have never seen an RV Park laid out quite like this one. There is a large area in the center that has a huge fire pit, plenty of seating while watching live music or roasting hot dogs over the fire. All of the host sites have a small out building that houses an extra fridge or freezer and whatever else you want to store.

I think we are really going to like it here!


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2 responses to “We are now Camp Hosting at Crater Lake RV Park

  1. Christina

    It looks awesome!! I am on my way!!

  2. We’ll leave the light on for ya!!!

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