We left Vancouver, WA today……………………….

Heading to Salem, OR. We are staying at Hee Hee Illahee RV Resort

Our stay at the Highs was fantastic but it had to come to an end. They gave us a going away BBQ last night that was spectacular! It even came with a fireside chat next to a campfire. We had so much fun and will miss everyone! Thanks to Doug and Lori High, their daughter Jodi and her children, Evan and Ian. Along with Greg and Suren they made the stay very memorable!

We have decided to work camp at Crater Lake RV Park for the summer. Becky and I are excited about this new adventure. I had been to Crater Lake as a child but had wanted to go back and re-discover it with Becky. The park owners told us to bring our fishin’ gear! The setting looks to be spectacular. We will update our experience after we arrive.

Our stay in Salem is sad. My Dad went under Hospice care last week and is failing rapidly. We stopped by to see him today and he is nearing the end of his journey. He said to me a couple of weeks ago that he is ready to go “Home” and anxious to see his Mother who passed away while he was in the Navy during WWII. Knowing that he is a Christian gives us comfort. Jesus is calling him home!

My son Michal and his family are flying up this week for a short visit. It has been several years since he had seen his Grandparents. He is excited and sad at the same time knowing that Grandpa may not be alive when they arrive.

Becky and I can’t wait to give out the hugs and kisses when we see them. It has been 6 months and I’m sure Adin and Matthew have grown a bunch. I’m proud of my son for making this trip happen!

“Dreamscape” ran pretty good on the short trip down. I was a little worried at first, it seemed to not have much power with the foot feed all the way on the floor. At the rest stop in Wilsonville, OR I decided to take the air throttle pressure from 85psi to 100 psi. That made a huge difference! I will probably remove the pressure regulator as it seems to hamper the performance. I was able to hold the speed fairly steady. Since this was the first real test of the engine/tranny swap with a fully loaded coach pulling our Jeep, I’m happy to report a successful trip thus far! Yeah!

That’s all for now. Hopefully the next post will be from Crater Lake RV Park starting our next chapter together!


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2 responses to “We left Vancouver, WA today……………………….

  1. Glad the shakedown was so simple for ya. Just prior to Anne and I retiring Anne’s mother was in the same condition and so ready to go home.
    We will be doing a work sitting task this Aug and Sept. in central MO so the owners of a bed and breakfast can go on vacation. Our tasks include feeding a dog and cat. Keeping the hummingbird feeders filled, weed and pick from the garden and just be a presence on the property to keep the vandals away. Have a great summer.

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