New Engine and Transmission Installed and ……………………

Working! You can go here to see a short video. I was trying to run the throttle and get a shot at the same time. A little shaky, but the sound is obviously a Detroit. I’m running straight pipes for the time being. The old mufflers were so big, one side by the oil cooler would not fit.

New Engine Installation

8v71 Detroit Diesel

It has been quite a project to undertake. I have learned a lot and worth the experience! I removed the old engine and transmission on January 30th and fired it up yesterday, April 12, 2012. Had to before Friday the 13th! lol

I picked up our new shorter drive line the day before and attached it yesterday. I had Potter Webster in Portland, OR do the work. They came highly recommended from a good bus buddy. After thinking through the process I felt it was ready to give it a try. Since my rear start has never worked, I had Becky do the honors while I watched from the rear. I had primed the fuel so felt it was as good as time as any. It lit up after about 5 revolutions, stumbled a bit then smoothed out to the normal sound of a Detroit two stroke! The smile on my face couldn’t be slapped off! I felt so good to finally realize all of my hard work.

I have the front grill off and will be replacing it with one that came off a Silver Eagle 01 in Texas. I have never liked how it looked and was done very poorly. After I get the new grill and round headlight bucket assemblies on we can take the bus out for a test drive. I’m anxious to see how the Allison 740 shifts and hopefully see an improvement in the feel of a clean fresh motor.

You can go here to see the pictures I took along the way.


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4 responses to “New Engine and Transmission Installed and ……………………

  1. Eric Brown

    Paul, The factory mufflers actually have a dent put in the side of them to clear the oil filter. The first time I got a set in I was ticked that someone would send out dented mufflers!!LOL

  2. Jerry Kiser

    Too Cool! Congratulations my friend! I pray all else is well with you guys. Love ya dearly!

  3. Eric, I did put a fairly large dent in the top of one, just didn’t want to take a chance and bottom out and do some damage. My luck on doing that is pretty high until I can get the rear end raised by adding a couple of air bags.
    Jerry, Thanks! All is good! Enjoying the Great Pacific Northwest and it’s nice to be able to spend some time with my parents and brothers.


    Great Job Paul, thanks for keeping us informed.

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