Allison HT 740 is Ready……….

………to be installed! Yeah!

Allison HT 740

All cleaned and painted, ready for the next step.......Installation!

I spent a few hours mounting the flexplate onto the engine and found out there was no access hole to secure the bolts when I mate the two together. So I made one!

Flexplate Bolt Access Hole

Access hole so I can secure the flexplate bolts to the transmission

I am in the process of getting everything ready to remove the old engine and transmission with a forklift this Saturday. Attach the transmission to the engine with the help of the forklift and get ready for the next round of work.

I opened up the plastic tub with the double oil cooler and separated it out so I could get familiar with it. I’m going down to Pacific Power this morning to pick up a new gasket set so I can install it on the engine tomorrow. I’m sure I will have lots of fun doing it, it’s very heavy and awkward!

Double Oil Cooler

Laying out parts before cleaning..........

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