What we are up to……….

Becky and I have really enjoyed our time here so far. A few events that have made this time spectacular!

We’ve spent time with my parents in Salem, and drove them to the coast a couple of times. We always have to take time to eat at Mo’s in Lincoln City.  A great place to enjoy the view and dine on fresh seafood! The drive to Depoe Bay and Newport is also fun. Christmas was fantastic! It was great being with family. My brother Dan and his wife Charlene came over from Bend and their daughter flew in from New York.

I’ve also met my a few of my high school classmates preparing for our 45th reunion! Gosh that sounds like forever! I’ve not been to any of my class reunion’s so this should be fun. I probably won’t recognize anyone! lol

We’ve also been able to spend time with our hosts Doug and Lori High. It is nice to be able to visit and see new sights. I think we have found all of the best places to eat! That’s one thing we are pretty good at doing.

Some of you might be aware that while we are here in Vancouver, we plan to do a few things to the coach. I’m going down to Eugene tomorrow to pick up the engine that will replace our current 8V71N with the same. Only the new engine has a fresh rebuild and super low miles. I dropped off the Allison HT 740 at Pacific Power in Ridgefield, WA yesterday to have them put it on a Dyno and check out the shift points and make sure all of the seals are good.

The old engine and transmission are ready to be pulled out. Then I will clean and inspect the engine rails and compartment for any work that might need to be done. After that I will paint it with Rustoleum Smoke Gray. The engine gets a fresh coat of Alpine Green and the tranny will get a coat of silver paint. It will be a pleasure to have an automatic and a fresh engine.

The old engine and transmission has served us well. It’s just time to freshen things up a bit and enjoy less oil leaks!

This shows the beginning of how it looks now.

Preparing for engine removal

Getting ready for the transplant!

DD 8V71N

It will be nice to get rid of this messy engine!

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