We Leave Bend Tomorrow and head to our……………

……….Final destination, Vancouver, WA!

Our stay here has been great, but too short. We will be returning occasionally to visit Dan and Charlene over the upcoming months. Tonight we will take them out to dinner and celebrate our visit!

The trip tomorrow is about 169 miles. It will take us on the south side of Mt. Hood through Government Camp on hwy. 26. The weather is supposed to be very nice and sunny with no precipitation.

I will report more on our trip once we get settled in.


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4 responses to “We Leave Bend Tomorrow and head to our……………

  1. Drive safe and enjoy the view. What are your winter plans?
    We are getting the small jobs done and the bus fluids all checked and corrected as we will pull out Monday.

  2. We have many plans. One is to help our bus buddies out on getting their MCI 102A3 ready for the road. They have most of the bays finished, now we need to get the interior built. Then we will do an engine and tranny swap on our Eagle, along with power steering. Going to be a busy winter!

    Have a safe trip on your way to somewhere!


  3. Wilbur

    Carefull going down the big hill tomorrow without Jakes, slow, slow, slow. The old trucker saying is you can go down the hill many tmes to slow, but only once to fast. Tell Doug and Lori hi from us. Have a good trip. Wilbur

  4. That is good advice and we have been following it. I’d rather be able to make it to the next hill! We’ll pass the greetings on to Doug and Lori. Y’all have fun in Yuma!


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