Pilot Butte in Bend, Oregon

Dan, Becky and I drove a few miles from their house to Pilot Butte. Charlene had to work so she missed out on the fun. We took the short drive up to the top and marveled at the incredible view! The weather was fantastic, a bit brisk but great for seeing the surrounding mountains. Here are a few pictures of that experience.

Pilot Butte History

Pilot Butte History


Compass showing the names of the mountains that are in view.

Lava Butte

Lava Butte, a cinder cone in the background. We passed it on 97 coming in to Bend.

View from Pilot Butte

View of surrounding mountains from atop Pilot Butte.

Dan and Becky

Dan and Becky enjoying the view. Can you tell Becky is a bit chilly?

Paul and Dan

Yours truly and my brother Dan enjoying the view.

After we came down from Pilot Butte we stopped by a quilt shop, Quilt Works. There is a good reason why I wanted to stop. Dan informed me that the wife of an old friend from long ago worked there. We stopped by and said hello to Krystal. I used to work with her husband, Kevin Kyle, in the retail lumber business in Salem, Oregon. His father, Cameron Kyle, owned Portland Road Lumber Yard in Salem, OR. Later I worked for Krystal’s Dad, Max Graves, in the concrete block industry in Gilbert, Arizona. We reminisced about old times and talked about getting together at a later date to catch up with each other.  Meanwhile, Becky enjoyed  the quilt shop and I think I saw her drooling over some of the fabric.

We went to Fred Meyer for some groceries and noticed all of the deer in the front yard grazing when we returned. They just looked at us and went about their business like we were not even there.

Deer in front yard

Deer in front yard, notice the 4-point Buck.

4 Point Buck

4 point buck up close and personal!


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2 responses to “Pilot Butte in Bend, Oregon

    [And it aint even wintertime yet]


  2. We wanted to get out of the heat and we did! Boy did we! I have really missed the climate here in Oregon and we will get to enjoy it now.


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