Highway 97 to Bend

Here are a few pictures Becky took on our trip from Yreka to Weed and then on to Bend.

You say, “What’s with that crazy route”? As we were heading up to Weed, Becky and I were not satisfied with the RV Park choices. She found some in Yreka so I said “Go for it”. I was busy driving and not thinking that we were supposed to turn on to Highway 97 at Weed on our way to Bend. We parked for the night in Yreka and I got up the next morning, poured my first cup of coffee and fired up the laptop. I wanted to check our route. I looked at it with the strangest thought – we made a wrong turn or didn’t make the turn at all! I’m glad we laughed about it after I told Becky. No big deal, it was only 29 miles back to Weed from Yreka. Besides, we got to see a gorgeous stretch of I-5 twice!

We could have continued north on I-5. I just did not like the other route around the north side of Crater Lake due to a couple of very long grades. I talked on the phone with Harry about it as he had driven trucks in that part of the country for many years. One day it will be fun to take Dreamscape down there for a week or two, just not this trip.

Highway 97 to Bend Oregon

Highway 97 to Bend Oregon

More snow along the way. What a gorgeous part of our trip!

Snow along Highway 97

Snow along Highway 97

Highway 97

Highway 97

I 5 at Yreka

I 5 at Yreka

Klamath Bend Sign

Klamath/Bend Sign


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2 responses to “Highway 97 to Bend

  1. Oregon is an interesting place, high desert, then the middle section, the open farms and such, the ragged coastline, crater lake, it has a lot to offer. It has been a long time since we were there, and I hope someday to see more of it again.

    Old hoopie is holding up well Paul, and fortunately, I see when it does give you a problem, it is right outside someone’s shop. You are a fortunate pilgrim indeed.

    HBD Speck (You and China Doll share the same day)


  2. Becky says “Thanks for the BD wishes”!
    We love the Bend area and plan to make it our summer home. Then head south like most snowbirds to a warmer climate in the winter. We just kind of mixed it up this year.
    Our bus seal fix is holding up so far. I’m just glad we had some experienced help with Harry lending a hand.
    You need to come up for a visit. We’ll be in Vancouver for several months. Probably though next summer.


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