We arrived in Bend, OR and it’s………….

…………….cold! Very cold! The weather man say’s it’s about 10 degrees lower than normal. Currently it’s 26° F at 9:15 pm. Our trip took about 6 hours from Yreka with one pit stop and one fuel stop. The drive was absolutely gorgeous! Snow capped mountains and a cold blue sky. The drive on highway 97, along the east side of Klamath Lake was pretty cool. It’s quite large and took about 30 minutes.

Bend is located in Central Oregon. The climate is high desert and can go from one temperature extreme to the other quickly.

We will be here with my brother Dan and his wife Charlene for a few days. Plan to leave Monday for Vancouver, WA, but it’s really up to what the weather is like. They are calling for some snow this weekend. Our trip then will take us to the south side of Mount Hood, which should be a very scenic route. My brother and I used to ski Mount Hood many years ago. So it will be nice to see it up close again.

Becky received many Birthday cards and Face Book greetings yesterday. Thank You All so much for making her birthday one to remember!

Off to bed then we’ll hit it in the morning!


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