More on our visit with Harry and Liz

Becky and I are so blessed to have met these fine folks. Their hospitality has been fantastic! There is one thing I have discovered on our trip; it is not possible to plan a one night stay when you meet up with a bus nut, especially one you have never met in person.

In this case it was determined by some unscheduled maintenance, which can be a good thing. Some of you may remember  our leaking rear axle seal during our annual Texas Bus Roundup. Well, it decided to rear its ugly head again. Harry took one look and said “Let’s fix it”. He has had lots of experience with his many years of trucking and related work. He also had the necessary tools. I had never used our on-board air compressor to remove the wheel nuts and decided to give it a try. Harry had an Ingersoll Rand 3/4 drive impact gun, which I thought would eat the air faster than the compressor would keep up. I was surprised to find out it worked just fine. At least I now know if we have a need on the road we have enough air. What we thought would take 3-4 hours, took several more due to the fact the spindle was a little worn and the new shoes did not arrive until late Tuesday afternoon. I had asked the guy that fixed the leaking seal in Santo, TX to make sure everything was free of oil, knowing the old shoes had been soaked and the area was ugly-looking. They did not clean it up as I had asked. The old shoes looked like they had taken an oil bath for years! Not good!

We cleaned everything up and were ready to start the installation of new shoes and a new seal. It also took longer because we are not young bucks anymore and that the parts are big and heavy. We finished the installation yesterday around 4:00 pm. It was decided that we would spend the night and head out to Weed, CA this morning – a very smart decision on our part.

I also got a spare wheel seal for those ‘ just in case moments’ and another set of shoes to install on the other side of the rear axle. This will be done after we arrive in Vancouver before out next trip.

I’m glad that I had Harry’s experience in helping me accomplish this daunting task. Without it I would have been forced to hire the job out probably. Thank you, Harry, so much for taking your time to share your knowledge!

While Harry and I were knee-deep in this fix, Liz and Becky did their “girl stuff”. Besides preparing our meals and making sure we had everything we needed, they spent a lot of time getting to know each other.  (Of course, trips to Ross and WalMart were included in the ‘girl stuff’.)

I found out that Harry and I have a lot in common. One thing on the list was his fondness for Austin Healey’s. He has four parts cars and one gorgeous black 1962, turn key. We did not get to see the finished one as it’s in their air plane hanger. They also have a couple of planes, one which they fly. Due to the fact of the time alotted for our repair, we did not get to see the inside of their two ready to roll Silver Eagles. We have reserved that time for when we meet up again.

Harry and Liz. Thank You so much for your precious time and the fantastic hospitality that you gave us. We will remain friends for life!

Happy Birthday to My Bride! Today she will experience it on the road on our way to our overnight stop in Weed, CA. I Love You and look forward to many more years sharing our lives together!


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