We are in Live Oak, CA…….

…….visiting some Eagle Bus Friends, Harry and Liz Johnson. They are the proud owners of three Silver Eagles!

Our trip from Paso Robles went well. The traffic in Sacramento was typical of LA, YUK! Anyway, it’s all good. We made it!

Will post more details tomorrow as it’s late and we are tired.

Forgot to mention our stop for fuel in Fresno. We met up with RJ Long, a long time busnut from the BCM bus forum. The time we had was short but worth it! We had conversed back and forth for several years, but had never met. He presented me with a bus belt buckle and of course a Pepsi! It was great talking bus stuff with him. Thanks RJ!

Happy Trails!

Becky and Paul


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2 responses to “We are in Live Oak, CA…….

  1. RJ Long

    Enjoyed the short visit also – even if it did put me behind on my route a little for the week! But worth it.
    Should mention that I like the way Becky’s decorated Dreamscape, her woman’s touch is evident.
    If you journey this way again, plan an overnight, so a day trip to Yosemite can be worked in. Well worth it if you’ve never been there before.


  2. Thanks for the compliment on the interior! Becky has the touch for sure! We’ll take you up on the day trip when we are in the area. I’ve been there many years ago and you are correct, it’s worth the trip to see Yosemite. Our country has so much to offer the camper!

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