We are in Paso Robles, CA

We left Orangeland RV Park at 5:30 am yesterday and arrived around 11 am. Becky and I decided to head up the 5 to the 134, then to the 101. Knowing there would be lots of traffic we wanted to get an early start on our trip. It took us one hour to get to Thousand Oaks. There is one tough grade just coming out of San Luis Obispo that put us in first gear. We just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

After meeting Randy and Kelly Coons at their business we took a short ride up to their house. Randy mentioned that there was quite a climb up to their place and it was best to check it out to see if our Eagle could make it. We decided not to take Dreamscape up there. I felt the coach didn’t need another steep climb so decided to give her a much deserved rest at Randy’s business. They gave us a quick tour of the shop that is the home of their two Silver Eagles, a model 10 and an 01. They purchased the 10 this past March and have made a couple of short trips in it. The 01 is sitting there patiently for the next owner to take her home. Randy had done extensive mechanical work to the brakes and other changes that would take it from coast to coast without any difficulty.

We came back to our coach, changed clothes and followed him back up in the Jeep to the house. With the cooler Fall evenings we knew warmer clothes would be needed. Terra and Yoshi were invited and explored the new area thoroughly. Randy and Kelley’s view is spectacular overlooking Paso Robles. Vineyards and rolling hills make for a nice backdrop. After a scrumptious meal we went out to the “Eagles Nest” for “The Tour” of their Eagles. Somehow we even closed Yoshi up in the 01 and later found him patiently resting on the passenger seat. The previous owner of the 10 had widened the coach to 102″ and did extensive work to install a mid entry door. The interior is graced with cherry cabinetry, very well designed and laid out. Randy brought out an album showing the transformation from start to finish. The previous owner used one piece of aluminum from the gutter down to the belt-line. The end result was a clean wave-less finish. What a remarkable story of superior craftsmanship.

We’ve decided to stay two nights to give us more time with our gracious hosts. This was the first time we had met them. It felt great to finally put a face with a name. If you are ever in the area I’m sure they would welcome the visit. You know what happens when two or more bus nuts get together, it’s all about showing off the hardware and swapping stories.

We have driven approximately 1850 miles with about 810 to go to our final destination of Vancouver, WA.

There will be more to this story along with a few photos in the next post.

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