We are at Balboa Pennisula and……….

………..having the time of our lives!

We went down to Newport Pier enjoying the gorgeous weather. It can’t get any better than that!

Becky’s daughter Shanna is not in the picture.  She was working at Balboa Newport Realty and could not join us. Her son Christian managed to join us after the picture was taken.

We went to the Tustin Art Walk yesterday with my daughter Katie, my son Michal and his family, along with Becky’s son Shea, and his family. It feels so good to be with them all.

Shea Jeff Saige and Becky at Newport Beach

Saige, Becky, Jeff and Shea at Newport Pier

Paul and Saige

I'm getting a much needed hug from Saige!

One of the highlights of our trip was seeing Matthew for the first time.We finally got to wrap our arms around the newest member to our family, Matthew Paul.


Becky holding Matthew Lawry.

We went down to Old Town Tustin to visit the Art Show. There were artists up and down Main Street showing off their paintings or sculptures. It brought back good memories from when Becky and I lived here before moving to Texas.

Carolina Mathew Michal Adan

Carolina, Mathew, Michal and Adan strolling around Tustin

This is Michal’s car, a 1992 Mercedes in immaculate condition.

Adan and Michal

Adan and Michal in front of their 1992 Mercedes

Dreamscape resting after a long trip from Texas. She has performed very well for a 43 year old coach.

Orangeland RV Park

Dreamscape at Orangeland RV Park

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One response to “We are at Balboa Pennisula and……….

  1. Jerry Kiser

    Too cool! So glad you guys are having a terrific time. Be blessed. Love ya!

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