We arrived in Orange, CA and……..

…………the trip from Mohave Valley, AZ went very well.  It was a slow climb up I-40 from Needles, but we made it to the top! The speed limit for any vehicle towing is 55 mph. That is crazy driving that slow in the middle of nowhere’s land. Oh well, I sat back and enjoyed the ride until I got to the 15. Then it was LA madness. Everyone trying to get in front of the other and driving like they were on a NASCAR track! The 40 is in very poor condition.  Guess that’s the reason for the slow speed limit. There was one stretch that was pretty new, but the rest of it was real worn out due to truck traffic.

As we were coming down the 15 on the way to the 60 I remembered why I hated driving in LA traffic. Once lady tried to merge in my lane in my spot so I gave the old air horn a blast. It startled her, which was my intention. People here are in such a hurry to get from one freeway to another. At times it’s just one big slow-moving parking lot!

We have seen a few buses on this trip. The most memorable was the Flxible we saw yesterday heading east on I-40. Sort of a forest green and white pulling a toad. Of course you have the numerous Prevost’s that out number any other bus. We did see an Eagle as we were coming into LA, sitting there looking lonely.

We are parked here and the weather is fantastic! Sure felt good to get out of the heat. Becky and I were concerned that they would not accept our older coach, they didn’t even ask. Very friendly staff and the park is clean with easy in and out. I was surprised they would park us in the same row with a new Newell with four slides – WOW! Disneyland and other attractions are close by. We do not plan to do anything else but visit family. Our plan is to get everyone together tomorrow in Tustin. This is where Becky and I got married in 2005.

We spent the evening with Becky’s Son Shea, Daughter Shanna, Daughter-in-law Jade and of course precious Granddaughter Saige.  Her Grandson Jeff was on the sidelines due to a football injury. It was his high school’s homecoming. We left just after half time as it was getting late and we were pretty tired from our drive today.

We have driven roughly 1580 miles, using around 3 quarts of oil. I guess that’s not bad considering the unknown age and condition of the engine. At least any oil that is consumed seems to make it out the tail pipe and not all over the Jeep! I have calculated that our average mpg is right around 7. At least the cost of fuel has been lower than I had anticipated. I did get a 3 cent a gallon discount at Pilot/Flying J. It ended up at 4.04 per gallon cash price here in CA.

Life is great when you are on the road, sleeping in your own bed and stopping where ever you choose.


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4 responses to “We arrived in Orange, CA and……..

  1. LeRoy Willis

    I can tell you have made it to CA. You left AZ on I-40 and then all the roads became the 15 or the whatever. When we had a new project manager come from CA to run the project I looked over that is how he talked about the road names or numbers. Enjoy the family and the journey.

  2. Pam

    I am a wee bit miffed…do RV parks ACTUALLY turn you away if they think your coach is too old?? With our cross country travels that is one thing that I never worried about…even before we had paint. Continue with your SAFE TRAVELS!
    Pam, Tony and of course “Jack”

  3. Most of the nation’s highways are getting to be just like what you described. I have $2K repair bill that will testify to that. The piece of I-40 you describe is nothing more than a paved cow trail from Needles all the way to the river, pathetic, we were on it last year.

    By the way, Newell is now offering a $129K toad for their coaches, it is a partnership between them and Airstream (http://www.newellcoach.com/flash.html) just what every sucker with deep pockets wants for Christmas eh?

    No one has ever turned us away and for that matter, “no one ever asked us one way or the other” just wanted to know width and length and that was it. Our last trip out, we got 7.3 mpg and I suppose that is the best one could ask for.


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