We are in Mohave Valley, AZ………

……..visiting Clifford and Sonja Allen!

Our trip from Tucson went without a hitch. The worst part of the trip was heading north on 95 from I-10. The crews were busy making repairs in three different zones. Due to one lane traffic, the wait at times seemed very long.

Upon our arrival at the Allen’s I noticed an MCI 8 sitting in his driveway. It seems Clifford had another job to do. After meeting Derick and Michelle and their two children he explained what was being done. He was there to have Clifford show him how to install some Jake’s and a new air-cleaner.

The cell and WiFi service here is very limited. Finally had to piggy back on Clifford’s connection.

We went to Oatman, AZ yesterday afternoon. Quite a quaint little town on Route 66. The Burro’s run around the town like they own it, and they do! Just don’t feed the baby’s, they will choke on the carrots. There is a sticker on their heads to let you know.

Small Burro

Small Burro resting after a hard day on the job!

There are plenty of places you can spend your hard-earned money. Shops line both sides of the street to try to temp you. We did eat lunch at Olive Oatman’s Restaurant. Not the best unfortunately.

Clifford and Sonja

Clifford and Sonja checking out the shops

Everyday have a reenactment of a gun fight. Lots’ of shooting and audience participation. It was kind of neat to watch them as they shot up each other and then get up and get shot again! This guy wasn’t part of the show but he sure looked like he could have been.

Cowboy on horseback

One of the locals on horseback

Just had to get a shot of the Burro’s trying to grab what the tourist’s had to offer. It was fun to watch, just be careful, as they can be very aggressive.

Derick and Michelle feeding the Burro's

Derick and Michelle feeding the Burro's

This fella was trying to score at one of the eateries. He did walk right in, but quickly was asked to leave!

Burro tying to get served

Burro trying to get served at his favorite eatery

We have really enjoyed our visit. It’s always sad saying goodbye. We hope to see them in Quartzsite at the Eagle rally in January 2012. They are such gracious hosts and always lots of bus stuff to talk about. It’s what we do!

I tried to post this morning but lost all of the data due to a weak connection. It was a great write-up, but it’s in cyber land now, stuck or lost in space!

We left Mohave this morning heading to Orange, CA. I was not looking forward to the climb on 40 leaving Needles, it takes forever for a two stoke to climb that hill! We made it just fine.

See you in SoCal!

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  1. The local’s will tell you that the donkey’s are wild, but they’re not, they gather them up at night, and tie ’em up behind the fire station. It is a fun place to take a kid our grandchildren ate it up.


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