Someone’s all wet……….

………..during this hot Fall day in Tucson!

Christina’s house has a nice pool to get some relief from the heat. Although the ambient temp was in the high 90’s the water was not very warm. So we let the younger generation have some fun while the grandparents watched! We didn’t bring our swimsuits anyway. HA!

Trinity and Lily enjoying some pool time!

Tinity and Lily

We went to their church yesterday, First Southern Baptist Church of Tucson. After the service we went to In-and-Out Burger. If you haven’t had one you are missing a great experience. I, of course, had to have the Double Double animal style!

Our group almost filled the entire inside seating area. Fernando’s (Christina’s husband) parents along with his two sisters and their families enjoyed a great meal. It had been several years since we had seen them. We had great fun and look forward to the next family gathering.

Our time here is going fast. We leave tomorrow morning for Mohave Vally, AZ. It will be sad to say goodbye not knowing when we will be together again.



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2 responses to “Someone’s all wet……….

  1. LeRoy Willis

    We are just returning from visiting our son @ Ft. Campbell KY/Clarksville TN. He is set to return to Iraq soon we think. He just says do not believe the news for soldier count. We did not attend the BCM rally due to this being when we could be with him.
    We are getting to the time when I can call Clifford to arrange a time for us to sop and see him.
    Be safe

  2. I’m glad you were able to spend time with your son. That is so important! We will stop and visit with Clifford and Sonja today, leaving Thursday for Tustin. It will be good to spend some time with the “Master Bus Guru”!

    Safe Travels,


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