First Ever “Micro Border Rally”………..

…was held in El Paso Texas yesterday!

Let me explain. Our drive from Midland to El Paso was a leisurely 4 1/2 hours. During this time our friends from Chihuahua Mexico were making the trek to meet up with us at Mission RV Park.

I first met Julio online 7 years ago via my bus build website. He became my first follower and did not hesitate to ask some questions. At that time he and his wife did not own a bus but were very interested in purchasing one. After several years of searching they found a Silver Eagle 05 from San Antonio, Texas. They were now officially “Bus Nuts”. That is a term reserved for the selected few who decide to either buy or build a bus and convert it into a motor-home/bus-conversion. It’s also called a “Money Pit”!

Not being satisfied with their first purchase they found a Silver Eagle 01 in Reno, Nevada for sale. They were now the proud owners of two coaches. Julio and his wife Julieta, were able to take the 05 into Mexico but decided to leave the 01 in storage at Mission RV Park. They come up every once in a while to visit their coach and relax for a few days.

Julio and I had never talked on the phone, only conversed via email. He felt that his English was not up to par. My Spanish is terrible, so our conversations were held via the internet. BTW, his English is very good! He has worked hard to learn the language. I took Spanish in high school, but never kept up with it.

While we were emailing back and forth to set up our first get together, Julio mentioned that we were about to have the first ever “Micro Border Rally”. Becky and I thought, “What a sense of humor he has!”

Here are a few pictures of our first of many mini bus rallies.

Julio and Paul meet for the first time.

Julio and Paul

Micro Border Rally

Our good friend Clifford suggested that while we are in El Paso we needed to check out Cattleman’s Steak House. Little did I know what kind of experience we would have. This place is amazing! I did not research it online, huge mistake! We arrived in the evening at dark and we were amazed at what we could have seen had we come earlier. It really deserves a day trip.  It is one of a kind. Don’t just drive through El Paso, rather make it a point to visit and enjoy this unique location!

Cattleman's Steak House

Cattleman's Steak House in El Paso Texas

It only takes two buses to have a rally!

Julieta and Julio Perez

Julieta and Julio Perez

Becky and Paul Lawry

Becky and Paul Lawry

“Micro Border Rally” Attendees

Paul Becky Julieta Julio

Paul Becky Julieta Julio

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2 responses to “First Ever “Micro Border Rally”………..

  1. Jerry Kiser

    Hey Guys! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Be blessed. Love ya!

  2. Becky

    Hi Jerry – wish you could have tasted the beers Julio shared from Chihuahua! They brought us a locally hand woven basket (which is beautiful) filled with locally made candies and a bottle of 100% Sotol Anejo. It is distilled by Hacienda de Chihuahua. Julio says it is stronger than tequila – better. Muy bueno! Wish you and DeAun were here to sample it with us.

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