We arrived in Midland Texas…………

We decided to leave for Midland from Abilene yesterday late afternoon and arrived one hour later than planned due to some wrong directions from my GPS! We got to see some parts of Midland that we never in a million years would have seen! The fact it was dark didn’t help either. Oh well, part of the fun, huh.

Our Eagle has performed flawlessly so far, and we are very grateful! I filled the coach up yesterday in Abilene at Fina where price was $3.49 per gallon for diesel. I then drove over to WalMart to wait for Becky, walked the dogs and filed the fuel receipt. I noticed that they charged $3.19 per gallon, which was the price of gas. Not sure how it happened, but felt blessed at the lower price.

Midland RV Park is located off I-20 down a dusty road. Not sure if we’ll ever come back here. I’ll have a better idea on the layout when the sun comes up. The site we are in is almost a double wide spot, which is nice.

We will depart for El Paso after a short visit to some of Becky relatives. She lived here back in the 70’s and knows the area pretty well. Google maps says it’s only 301 miles to El Paso from here. Our second stop and we are still in Texas! You know the old saying. “The best view of Texas is in the rear view mirror” because it takes so long to get through it.

Wind Power in Texas

Wind Power

Wind Power

Pumpjack at Sunset

Pump Jack



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6 responses to “We arrived in Midland Texas…………

  1. Did you hollar at David? He is the guy with the red eggle that is a druggist or pharmacy guy there in Midland, I met him at TBR (in Okie-Homa), pretty interesting guy.


  2. I think the guy you are talking about is Dave Pinson from Lubbock. He is a pharmacy guy. Not sure if that’s who you are talking about or not. He has been to every TBR rally we have had.

  3. Yeppers, that is who it is, I had it wrong. But at my age, that is nothing new. Raining here now, and it is nice.


  4. Hey Dad! Hey Becky!!! Layover Tucson- Friday?!!

  5. Becky

    Yes, Melanie! We will be there tomorrow. Looking forward to getting to know you, girl. It’s about time, don’t you think? Big wheels will be rolling tomorrow morning down I-10.

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