Leaving Abilene for Midland Texas…………….

Our short stay in Abilene has been great! We have tried to visit with as many friends and family as much as possible during our stay. Everyone has been very supportive in our new adventure. We had to remind them that we will be back at some point, not going away for good. Becky has many friends here that she went to school with and still keeps in touch with. The Abilene High School Class of 1969 Eagles are a great bunch. They have taken me in and made me feel like I am one of them. The mini reunions will be missed by us. What a great way to continue friendships as we reach the “Wisdom Hair” age!

After Becky takes her Mom to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon we will take I-20 west to Midland and overnight here. We probably won’t get there until around 9 pm. It will be a short night. We will visit some of Becky’s relatives for a couple of hours on Wednesday morning before we head to El Paso.

I was able to find some Delo 100 40 wt. at O’Reilly’s yesterday at $12.99 per gallon. They stock it for Dyess Air Force Base, otherwise they wouldn’t have it. I wondered what the base uses that oil for?  The gal who waited on me had no idea. The other store I went to had Delo 15-40 wt and wondered why I needed straight 40 wt. I had to give her an education that our old Detroit’s cannot use a multi grade oil. I really wanted to get some oil from Western Oil Distributors by Merkel, just couldn’t justify the gas. I got some there a few years back and it was only $11.35 per gallon. I’m sure it has gone up since then.

I will top off the bus and genset fuel tanks today at Fina as they have the lowest price at $3.49 per gallon for diesel. We are glad that fuel prices have dropped just in time for our trip. It had been running around $3.89 per gallon up until a week or so ago. I have budgeted $4.00 per gallon for the trip, so this is great news. According to my Gas Buddy App, the price in El Paso is about the same as Abilene. I would prefer Pilot-Flying J but their prices are higher. I’m sure we will have to use them at some point as they are easier to get our coach in and back on the Interstate.

Abilene RV Park

Abilene RV Park

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