We are in Abilene Texas…………

And it’s raining like cat’s and dog’s! I’m not complaining because Texas needs lots of rain. The streets are flooded, typical for West Texas.

We made the trip of approximately 240 miles without a hitch. Our plan was to stay at a friend’s house, park in their driveway and plug-in to their 120 volt. The driveway was too narrow so we decided to go on over to Abilene RV Park just off I-20. I called the local KOA just to see what their rates were and decided that we made a good choice. I knew what their park was like and wasn’t very impressed with it.

The park hosts gave us a small discount due to the fact I’m a Viet Nam Vet. Other discounts are available like Good Sam;s, AARP, AAA and so on. Nothing for FMCA, bummer. At this point, every little bit helps! It is a tight fit for a 40′ coach, very narrow with gravel for parking. They do have 50 amp service for those hot months of A/C use.

Becky went over to visit with her Mom for a few hours and I headed to the RV Park to get set up. Just as I got parked it got real nasty. Lots of thunder and lightning with a bunch of rain. Some areas have received as much as 4 inches. With more rain in the forecast for Sunday it’s going to be one of those umbrella days. I told Becky, get used to it. As the Pacific Northwest is wet and soggy for the next several months.

We had a wonderful dinner last night with friends at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant. Becky went to school with the group so it was like a mini reunion.  The food and service were spectacular!

Abilene Friends

Abilene Friends

This is how Abilene looked like back in the Old Wild West days. It was a pretty rough town back then. Famous for gun fights and rowdy cowboy’s after a dusty trail ride.

Old Abilene Texas

Abilene’s largest employer is Dyess Air Force Base, the home of the B1 bomber and 7th bomber wing. I remember while we visited Becky’s parents just north of the base, the B1’s would take off and rattle the windows of their house. They are a powerful and amazing machine. I remember talking with one of the pilots a few years back. He told me they fly upgraded planes from here to the war zone and bring back ones that need major repair.

We leave here Tuesday afternoon for Midland to overnight. Then travel to El Paso Wednesday morning. That is a very boring drive with nothing to look at for 6-8 hours. This is one of my least favorite highway’s to travel on. Not many stops along the way either. It’s one of those ugly stretches of Interstate!

I will have to come back and update the links. The storm has knocked out the parks WiFi, which is very typical for West Texas. I’m using my Android X to tether my mobile hotspot and the signal is pretty weak most of the time. That is also a common problem for this area.

Abilene RV Park Link is updated.


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3 responses to “We are in Abilene Texas…………

  1. Becky

    We had such a great time at dinner last night! It just doesn’t get any better than good times with lifelong friends, good food and margaritas. Thank you, Jerry, DeAun, Tricia, Larry and Toni for coming out on a nasty, wet night. I can’t think of a better way to have spent it. The rest of our gang, and you know who you are, were really missed….so we ate and drank a little extra for you. Family day today, along with more welcomed rain. Loving these cool temps too.

  2. If you look for how the terrain, grasses and other plants change over just a few miles, it’s not so boring. “Desert” isn’t all the same. We’ve learned to find it interesting!

    • Becky

      We will try to remembe that, Anne. Every time I have made this particular drive through the years, I begin saying “How beautiful! Look at that!” After 100 miles of it, I have forgotten how beautiful that first vista was. We always get a kick out of seeing all the land for sale along the interstate and wonder how many buyers there are for that land. Wish you two were with us to help us appreciate it more.

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