Trip Calendar

Here is a capture of the calendar dates on where we will be. This is all subject to change and it will be updated as needed.                                                                         (Click on calendar to enlarge it.)

Trip Calendar 2011

Trip Calendar 2011

We spent yesterday visiting some very good friends in New Braunfels, and San Antonio. First time we had driven the Jeep that far. It is definitely not like Becky’s car we just sold! I admit it’s a bit harsh and noisy, but what do you expect. It’s a Jeep! HA It is a 2000 TJ model with a 4.0 inline six, automatic with hard and soft top.

Texas Bus Roundup 2011

Becky and Paul at TBR 2011

The busnut friends in New Braunfels gave us a set of Jake’s to be installed later next year on the new to us 8v71N. I’m sure I will wish they were installed on this trip. Hopefully they will come visit us while we are in Vancouver. They have never been to Oregon or Washington before. Road Trip! We first met them at our first Texas Bus Roundup rally in 2007. They only missed one event. He was in the middle of putting his engine back in the bus after a previous trip problem and they just couldn’t make it. The ongoing joke is, he must have a zipper or Velcro on that thing, he’s had it in and out so many times. I’m sure it’s not funny to him though.

Today is our last full day in Georgetown. It’s kind of bitter-sweet but we are also anxious to begin this new adventure. There is always a downside, we just don’t have the time to stop and visit with all of our friends we have met in the bus world. For that we apologize. Hopefully another day and time will allow it.

Now for my second cup of coffee!

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