The Launch of our Flagship……..

Will take place this Saturday, T minus 48 hours and counting! All systems are a go, the natives are restless and we will depart on time!

I noticed on our last trip that our Onan 12 KW genset was only putting out approximately 105 volts. So I get out the two manuals that I have and look for a fix. After removing a cover I saw the dashpot that was mentioned and turned it 1/4 turn CW. Checked the voltage output and hit it at 115.5 volts. Decided that was close enough and put it back together. So the genny is good to go. I also noticed in the manual that a fellow busnut sent us had a drawing for a quiet box. That is something I will put on the list of things to get done before our next trip. As it stands right now, it’s pretty darn loud and only used while on the road. I would hate to wake up the neighbors!

Needless to say we are excited to embark on this new adventure. Visiting family and friends along the way to our destination is one of the benefits we are looking forward to.

We have enjoyed our stay at Berry Springs RV Park. A great place to overnight or stay awhile. Close to Georgetown,  Austin and the surrounding country for day trips. I did notice the map below is not quite accurate, it was taken off their website. The caution box shows the entrance to the 130 toll road is on the north bound entrance to I-35. It should show it going to the south bound entrance. The rest of the map is accurate.

Berry Springs RV Park

Berry Springs RV Park

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