Pre-Trip Inspection ~ Wal-Mart Overnight Camping Guide ~ Fuel Apps

I have almost finished getting our coach ready to rock and roll. Just a few minor things to finish this morning.

We should be able to depart for Abilene Saturday morning and visit with Becky’s Mom. We plan to camp at Wal-Mart on the first two nights. Here is a site with locations that do or do not allow overnight parking. They have apps available for the iPhone and Android at a cost. We know the Abilene locations do allow overnight stays. We’ll choose the one on Southwest Drive as it’s closer to her house. Then we’ll go to the other one as it’s closer to our storage. We need to swap out a few things to prepare for the trip.

I have been in contact with our bus buddy from Mexico and looks like we will be able to meet each other for the first time. In one his responses he mentioned that it would be the first ever “Micro Border Rally”! (that cracked me up) As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ll meet him and his wife in El Paso at Mission RV Park.

I thought I would check out this App called Fuelbook. I am able to select up to three traveled highways and three fueling locations. It then will give locations and pricing. Might come in pretty handy, although most truck stops are pretty visible with easy on and off. I also have a Gas Buddy App that appears pretty easy to use. It receives our location via GPS and then presents the list of either gas or diesel. The list came up pretty fast. I will probably use the latter one and report back on our results. Both of these Apps are FREE!

Along with the normal pre-trip comes some cleaning and polishing. This is my favorite piece to brighten up.

Brass Eagle

Brass Eagle Taking Flight


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2 responses to “Pre-Trip Inspection ~ Wal-Mart Overnight Camping Guide ~ Fuel Apps

  1. We usually just find the security car and ask the guard, or you can in some cases, talk with the store manager. Haven’t had a problem so far.


  2. Good idea Don. We’ve only stayed a couple of nights at WM and haven’t been kicked out yet! lol

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