Destination Map

Here is a map of our intended route. We have several busnut stops along the way in Arizona and California. We broke it down into several segmented stops so we can take the time to enjoy the areas that we land in. One stop that I am excited about is El Paso. We hope to meet up with a fellow busnut friend from Mexico I met online at the beginning of our build back in ’04. We have never met. We’ve communicated over the years discussing his potential purchase of a bus conversion. Well he ended up buying two converted Silver Eagles. One Model 01 and one 05.  He is having a hard time on deciding which one to keep. We will meet him and his family at Mission RV Park in El Paso. Maybe we can encourage the park to let us build them an updated website.

We spoke with a few of our children last night and they are so excited. One of our son’s in Reseda, CA is a proud new papa for the second time. Can’t wait to hold our newest family member! We were able to see him on Google Video last week and he is so handsome.

I get the pleasure of doing a pretrip inspection on our coach today. Making sure everything is ship-shape! At least it is much cooler now so I won’t have to complain about putting on coveralls. It has been a miserable hot summer here in Texas. A record 90 days over 100° in the Austin area, that’s a bunch to deal with.

Getting closer, stay tuned for the launch!

(You can move the map around to see the complete route.)


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3 responses to “Destination Map

  1. Julio Perez

    Hi Paul,
    2004? huh! has been a long time my friend but now is the time to meet at least in the Border.

  2. Julio

    I was thinking about your comment for the website ath the Mission RV Park, you are right, they need something help with that, anything you can help them will be better than they have at this moment and this could be your first customer.

  3. Becky

    Julio – I can’t wait to meet you and your bride! This Micro Border Rally will be a huge highlight of our trip. Whoo-hoo!

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